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Collision Reconstruction

Most of us significantly depend on our cars on a daily basis. Driving a motor vehicle is a common but complex task that is not risk free. Although statistically rare, motor vehicle accidents are a common occurrence due to the large volume of vehicles on our roads. These accidents range from the more frequent low-speed collisions to the often tragic highway speed head-on collision.

After a collision, insurance companies have to determine who is at fault. Sometimes the answer is obvious; sometimes it is not. Often the liability is shared amongst the different parties directly or indirectly involved. Questions often asked are who had the right of way? Was the driver speeding? Could the collision be avoided? Was the road improperly maintained? Is the road design faulty? Was the driver intoxicated? What other factors may have played a role in this incident?

At CEP, our engineers specializing in accident reconstruction can be of assistance by answering some of the questions. Our team will review the physical evidence left at the collision site such as tire marks and gouges on the pavement, and the damage sustained by the vehicles. They will estimate how the vehicles were engaged at impact, where they were located on the road when the collision occurred, where they came to rest, and apply scientific principles to objectively determine what happened. By understanding how a collision occurred, liability can be more easily divided between the involved parties.


Our Accident Reconstruction team of experts provides a wide range of Forensic Engineering Services related to:

  • Speed and its Effect / Collision Avoidance
  • Collision Sequence
  • Collision Severity
  • Seat Belt Use and Effectiveness
  • Damage Match / Fraudulent Claims
  • Driver Identification
  • Electronic Crash Data
  • Airbags
  • Alleged Mechanical Failure

Our experts can handle all aspects of an investigation, from site inspection to expert witness testimony in court.

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Collision Reconstruction